Stand-Alone Membership Certificate

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Greenviu Old Oak Certificate

  • Basic Stand-Alone Version
  • End Grain Cut
  • Handcrafted from recycled oak that is up to 400 years old 
  • Natural Wax finish 
  • Greenviu Laser Engraving at the front
  • Individual Logo Engraving at the back incl. membership starting date

OLD OAK SIGNS: Every Piece is unique

Each certificate is made in a complex manual process from oak beams that are up to 400 years old, which we give so many more years of life instead of simply burning them in the fireplace.

The beams come from old houses or barns and are elaborately cleaned and processed in order to end up holding a unique piece of history in your hands. Therefore, each piece is unique and no two are alike.

The Greenviu Stand-Alone Version contains two laser engravings: on one side the well-known Greenviu emblem and its lettering and on the other side your individual logo and the date of your joining the unique green clinic society, which makes each certificate absolutely unique. 

The Stand is perfect for drawing your customers' attention to Greenviu membership directly at the counter or at your own desk.

In addition to the elaborately processed Greenviu 3D emblems that will immediately catch the eye of every patient, we engrave your own logo on the main surface, which makes each certificate absolutely unique.

In the further course of the order you will be reminded to send your logo as a graphic to our Greenviu Service at [email protected]. Please also note the further information on this page. 


Length/Height: 120x130 mm // Thickness: 60 mm


  • Reclaimed Oak Wood, up to 400 years old
  • cleaned, brushed, sanded, finished with natural wax
  • Endgrain Cut
  • Hidden reinforcements limit strong throwing 

Further Information

Please note that every piece of reclaimed wood is unique and yours, therefore, differs from the pictures shown here. We go to great lengths to ensure that each model represents the unique character of old oak wood.

Our service includes the engraving of your own logo. To do this, we need a suitable, high-resolution image file (png, jpg, svg, pdf). Please note that colors or grayscale can only be lasered to a limited extent. Ideally, your logo consists of an outline, but a maximum of 3 colors with high contrast. We do our best to present your logo ideally, but are limited in terms of the implementation of details. Please only upload graphics, photos are not allowed.
We will contact you in case of any problems.

The story behind kk old oak signs

old oak signs greenviu certificate

This picture shows the old barn in Sechtem (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) shortly before it was dismantled.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

Of course, oak was not used exclusively in the construction of such buildings. Nevertheless, this wood was the most popular because it is not only very hard and therefore stable, but also resistant to pests of all kinds due to its high tannic acid content. This is exactly why the old beams are so well suited to being reprocessed into our characteristic certificates.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

The shown barn was completed in 1844. Therefore, some of the old beams were made about 180 years ago. However, the owner told us that these in turn consist of donor beams of an even older field barn from the 16th century. Therefore, we can expect to use oak beams up to 400 years old, which we are now recycling for at least the 3rd time.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

Do you see the many connections between the individual struts?  These traditional joins do not require any screws at all. The results are characteristic tenons and holes that are still preserved on the beams and, depending on the old oak product, are incorporated into it’s design.
Even the large ladder in the middle of the barn was dismantled and the lateral parts found their way into our storage as can still be seen today from the significant regular holes.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

The dismantling process gives an idea of ​​how much work is necessary to make such old wood usable again. There are still a lot of steps to be taken.  Nevertheless, we find it very worthwhile.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

The dismantling was already carried out in the 1990s and the old beams were saved as a precaution in order to use them a third time to construct a new building. However, since this project was never implemented, we had the unique opportunity to buy the bars at the beginning of 2021.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

… And This is what the old oak beams looked like after we freed them from protective tarpaulins after approximately 25 years.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

When we removed the tarpaulin for the first time, we didn't know what to expect. And even after that we were still very undecided whether the effort of transporting it by crane and truck would be worth it at all. Because from the outside the wood looked as if it could no longer be used. The years had left deep marks and we found a lot of unusable looking pieces. 

old oak signs greenviu certificate

Even if the crane truck took on a lot of work, it was very hard to bring this large amount of unwieldy beams and some dirt to our workshop and carefully stack them in the yard.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

Piece by piece, every single beam had to be inspected and brought in in order to be able to start the actual work. In the first step, the rough dirt of the years was brushed off and stones and protruding nails were removed.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

... but even after that, looking at it you cannot really imagine how intact and, above all, beautiful old oak wood is behind this crumbling surface.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

This picture of a sun-tanned beam suggests what more can be made of it.

old oak signs greenviu certificate

A lot of additional work steps pass before such a stand is created from the bars shown above.  Above all, the planer and various saws are used. In spite of all modern technology, you need above all experience and an eye for the significant features of each individual section of old oak wood.  This is the only way to create such treasures from 400-year-old beams.